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Rapid pain relief & Restoration of Function

Medkey Therapy

Rapid Pain Relief & Restoration of Function

Medkey treatments are 100% Drug Free Pain Relief suitable for people of all ages with a wide variety of complaints and conditions of both acute and chronic pain.

Medkey therapy provides rapid pain relief and improved function/movement within the body via bioadaptive impulse therapy. The medkey enters into a dialogue with the body measuring body signals and adapting them via the body’s nervous system. The handheld device provides electrical impulses painlessly to just below the first layers of the skin. With a constant variance of impulses and individually selected alternating sequences of treatment algorythms, rapid pain relief and functional changes in the body occur during the treatment.

This bioadative therapy is therefore ultimately controlled by the patients body itself, via cutaneous nerves stimulated by reflective zones and accupuncture points on the skins surface.

Therapeutic Aims of Medkey

The therapeutic aim of medkey treatments is to reduce acute and chronic pain, improving blood circulation and perform passive muscle stimulation for the following fields of application:

  • Nervous system
  • Musculoskeletal system
  • Digestive Tract
  • Urogenital area

Bioadaptive Impulse Therapy

1. Impulse Emmission
The first impulse is emitted from the Medkey as soon as there is skin contact.
2. Impulse Absorption
The impulses only penetrates the skin in the range of a tenth of a millimeter. These recepetors of the skin then process this stimulus.
3. Pulse Transmission
Once the pulse has been absorbed by the body the information is transferred to spinal and neurohumoral levels.
4. Impulse Adaptation
The body’s “response reaction” is in the form of a change in tissue resistance properties is measured by the Medkey within microseconds and the renewed impulse delivery is then already adapted to this “body response”.

Contraindication and Non-Applications of Medkey use

Situations where the medkey may not be used unless under consultation with a doctor:

  • Injured skin, open wounds
  • Body orifices
  • People who have active controlled implants such as cardiac pacemakers
  • Cannot be used over the uterus of pregnant women
  • Cannot be used above tumours
  • People with cardiac arrhythmia
  • Malignant diseases – except with doctor consultation
  • Uncontrolled epilepsy – unless approved by a doctor

Side effects

Medkey treatment has very few side-effects. The following however can be regarded as side-effects:

  • Symptoms may intensify during the treatment period since the body is “dynamised”. This can include stronger pain, muscle ache. These generally cease quickly. 
  • Nickel allergy: The steel of the electrodes may contain traces of nickel. This may cause skin irritation for clients with a nickel allergy. 

Treatment Benefits

Rapid Pain Relief
Increase Movement
Acute & Chronic Pain
Bio-Adaptive Therapy