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Benefits in Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Babies

1.Pelvic alignment and position of baby prior to labour. 2.Pelvic and back pain. 3.Carpal Tunnel. 4.Restless sleep. 5.Swelling                                                                                    

Treatment benefits in pregnancy

  • Pelvic alignment and position of baby prior to labour
  • Pelvic and back pain 
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Restless sleep
  • Swelling

Spinal Flow benefits in Pregnancy

Spinal Flow is a gentle technique that empowers the body’s own mechanisms to heal itself and allow optimal health and alignment. We hold physical, emotional and chemical stress in our bodies that create blockages in our spine. In pregnancy this is compounded by a baby needing space in our body and eventually moving through our pelvis in the birth process. Spinal flow is a gentle but powerful technique that can release the stressors in your body and help you prepare for your birth, heal from previous birth trauma or just optimise your body to position your baby ready for birthing.

Pregnancy causes increased stress on the body from the weight of the pregnancy along with hormones and women’s postural changes. Pelvic and lower back pain is the most common complaint but you don’t need to live with this, regular Medkey treatments during pregnancy can help with these complaints. As pregnancy progresses the pelvis tilts forward and hormones cause elasticity of the pelvic joints ready for labour and birth. While the muscles and ligaments adjust to the altered posture of the woman they also lengthen to accomodate the growing uterus. Regular Medkey treatments assist the body with these changes and help the body function with minimal stress.

Pelvic pain and instability often leads to women being sedentary and not able to move or exercise normally. This adds to the muscles and ligaments remaining tight and can increase pain, while limiting the ability for optimal positioning of baby in the pelvis.

When our pelvis is balanced and aligned it makes room for baby to descend and position optimally for labour and birth.


As a midwife of over 20 years I know fetal and maternal positioning is essential to labour and birth being as smooth as possible. If the mother can align her pelvis and her baby prior to labour it will alleviate the contractions to do this work, therefore possibly shorting the labour for mothers. We only have to have a certain amount of contractions in labour, the number is determined by the woman’s body and the position of her baby along with her hormones and her mindset. Thats where prior preparation of mind and body come in. Bronni can help you in preparing both your mind and your body to be in optimal position to labour and birth your baby. Utilising both Medkey and Spinal flow techniques as well as her extensive midwifery practice will assist with your ultimate preparation for birthing your baby.

How can Abiding Body wellness help babies?

As a new mum we understand life is a haze of tiredness, sore breasts, unsettled baby and anxiety. This doesn’t help your recovery from birth, or to feed and settle your baby. Sometimes there is an internal reason baby is not feeding or settling well. As a midwife Bronni can assist with attachment and feeding concerns while looking for other reasons baby may not be comfortable at the breast such as disfunction in their neck or shoulders. This occurs most commonly from the birth process, especially if instrumental birth or caesarean section has been necessary. These blockages can not only affect their comfort at the breast but also affect their sleep and settling. Gentle treatments can help improve the function of baby’s neck and spine which may help them feed and sleep easier bringing ease into their little bodies. Treatments may assist with colic and reflux disorders in babies.  We provide comfortable, painless treatment for babies and children. 

Babies may benefit from Medkey or spinal flow treatments to reduce tensions that may have occurred during pregnancy or birth. Restoring balance and ease in baby’s body.

Babies can experience pain due to:
  • Trauma from birth – long or very short labours, assisted births with forceps, ventouse or caesarean section
  • Breastfeeding Challenges
  • Crying, fussing, difficulties settling
  • Digestive Issue

Causing crying, fussing, difficulties sleeping. 

It is important to correct these concerns not only for parents sanity however will benefit the child as they grow. If spinal blockages are not treated soon after they occur the body adds layers upon layers to these blockages as more physical, chemical and emotional trauma occurs in the body. Additionally the onset of puberty can exacerbate disturbances experienced in birth or childbirth. 

We have pregnancy belly pillows to allow you to lie on your front, to truly relax and enjoy your treatment.

Treatment Benefits

Relieve Back and pelvic pain
More settled baby
Prepare for labour
Optimal Fetal positioning